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Pricelist Dive Courses

divers training on a dive course

Pricelist Dive Courses

I have no fixed dates for all dive courses. From May till October I start courses weekly or on request. Please ask me here for upcoming dive classes.

Technical diving by nature, is more complicated, and involves higher risk levels than recreational diving, and unlike some recreational diving courses, payment of fees does not imply automatic certification. So if you do not meet the requirements after the course, that does not mean your are failed! We´ll do some extra lessons (water or theory) to meet our goal!

+ InnerSpace Explorers Dive Courses

ise course structure
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    PrerequisitsDuration Price
BoE Basics of Exploration REC (Monotank)   OWD4 days € 560
BoE Basics of Exploration TEC (Double BM or SM)   OWD5 days € 800
KISS Rebreather User Course   OWD6 days € 950
Cave Explorer Level 1   BoE5 days € 1.250
Cave Explorer Level 2   Cave 15 days € 1.500
Sidemount Course   BoE3 days € 420
Trimix Exploration Diver Level 1 (BM or SM)   BoE5 days € 950
Trimix Exploration Diver Level 1 Rebreather   BoE5 days € 1.050
Trimix Exploration Diver Level 2 (BM or SM)   Expl. Level 16 days € 1.500
Gasblender Workshop (Nitrox & Trimix)   1 day € 100
Kayak for expedition diving   OWD3 days € 299
Scooter Workshop   OWD2 days € 299
Diving Basics for Boat Owners   2 days € 250
Battlefield Repairs   1 day € 175
Manual and certification included for free      
Additional dive for courses to meet the requirements for certification is € 100,- for technical courses     

+ CMAS & SUB International Dive Courses

CMAS / SUB-International

 Divecourse PrerequisitesDurationPrice
CMAS Brevet * VIP course4 days€ 390,-
Open Water Diver “OWD” VIP course4 days€ 380,-
Advanced Open Water Diver “AOWD”OWD or CMAS*3 days€ 290,-
NitroxOWD1 day€ 120,-
Nitrox** / Advanced NitroxCMAS**2 days€ 390,-
OrientationOWD or CMAS*1 day€ 120,-
Group LeaderOWD or CMAS*2 days€ 200,-
NightdivingOWD or CMAS*1 day€ 120,-
Deep DiverOWD or CMAS*1 day€ 120,-
Drysuit DiverOWD or CMAS*1 day€ 120,-
Scooter DiverOWD or CMAS*1 day€ 120,-
Tec NitroxCMAS** & Nitrox2 days€ 390,-
FundamentalsOWD2 days€ 340,-
Basic TrimixCMAS** & Nitrox2 days€ 390,-
Technical Diver 1SUB Fundamentals3 days€ 690,-
Technical Diver 2SUB Technical Diver 13 days€ 990,-

Manual included for free, supplement of € 60,- for certification.

CMAS** is equal to AOWD & orientation & group leader & first aid and vice versa. CMAS* is equal to OWD.

Additional dive for courses to meet the course requirements for certification is € 50,- / € 100,- for technical courses.

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