Stephan Fehringer | Dive Instructor | 2016 January
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January 2016

Start mixing your own gases for diving. This gasblender workshop should not only introduce you to the concept of mixing Gas by the use of partial pressure but also to the math behind. Especially in the "field", sometimes all the electronic stuff we are used to rely on...

Stainless steel frame for pSCR Rebreater

This is a simple rebreather frame, specially designed for pSCR. It´s built for the Satori rebreather but fits also some other pSCR rebreathers like RB80 with some little modifications. I developed it with CAD software and a metal worker, from around the corner, excised it for me with his laser cutter. 
After a few years without using an underwater camera, I wanted to continue my passion for underwater photo- and videography. So I wanted to have a combination to making stills and videos. I´ve used GoPros of all generations the last years but the quality of them is still poor on underwater shots so I switched to a Panasonic Lumix, a semi DSLR.

Update for KISS Rebreather ADV

Jetsam just released a new update: The new ADV stem for KISS rebreather. It´s made out of a new polyurethane material and enhance the response characteristic of the ADV (Automatic Diluent Valve). Another enhancement is the new ADV diaphragm which is made on a silicon based material instead of neoprene. So it´s more resistant against coldness and should avoid the known waves on the diaphragm. 

How was your last diving holiday? Hours and hours in the airplane? Ridiculous transfer time to your accommodation? Problems with the check-in? Diving in a troop with 20 other divers? Your dive guide have not even understood you? Why the heck are you doing that?! Why not to go in a small group with 3...