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Stephan Fehringer

Technical Dive Instructor

Stephan Fehringer portrait

Stephan started diving in an Austrian cold lake. Some years later, already experienced hundreds of dives in technical diving he finished trimix level. In 2011, after passing his recreational instructor, Stephan did the technical instructor course. Beside teaching scuba divers he is still active in cave and wreck explorations which is his passion.


Stephan is highly eyperienced in Backmount, Sidemount and Rebreather diving in all underwater environments. His dive courses are very individually and end-goal orientated which is the only way to get the best out in every diving student.

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“We train for the expected and educate for the unexpected”

Dive Courses

with Stephan Fehringer and Innerspace Explorers (ISE)

innerspace explorers logo for dive coursesStephan believe in small groups and class sizes as well as adaptive teaching methods. Large classes and prescriptive teaching mostly results in ill-trained divers who are a danger to themselves and others.



Imagine, you run out of air and your buddy have to give you his alternative air supply – in his course he practiced that probably ten times, but he did it comfortable on a platform, or even worse, in a kneeling position. You will have joy with your partner … or not.

“As a state certified and professional diving instructor, Stephan bring out the best in every student he train.”

scooter diver in sidemount configuration

General Dive Courses

Learn additional skills like sidemount diving or the usage of a dive scooter, which you can utilize on every level of diving. There you´ll find also workshops like kayak for exploration diving or how to blend your gases by yourself.

Foundational Dive Courses

Grow your ``toolbox`` and build up a solid foundational dive level to become a competent and confident diver. Either on backmount, sidemount or rebreather. You learn the basics to be able to undertake all types of future advanced diving easily or for further dive training.

female recreational DIR diver
rebreather diver with scooter

Technical Dive Courses

Get prepared for the rigors of exploration diving and get familiar with the use of different types of breathing- and decompression mixtures. The training focuses on expanding the skills you´ve learnt and to build the necessary and essential skills required for safe and successful exploration diving.

Info Dive Courses

Every scuba diving course or training session with Stephan Fehringer is appointed individually. When ever you want and where ever you want! His partner dive centers in Austria, Croatia and specially in Gozo, Malta giving a proper support for dive courses and also for scuba diving vacations. If you want to go to any other destination for your dive course, it´s not a problem either.
“Beat the law of Murphy”

Dive Blog & Service Section

The little things, which make your diver life easier

Dive Log

stories about diving and courses including pictures and videos

Custom Made

individual dive gear you can not buy in a dive shop

Do - It - Yourself

There are many things you can easily do yourself

Infos & Tests

Articles about dive equipment and how good they really are

Contact Me

Whether you want to do a dive course or just get some advice, I would love to hear from you!

Schedule 2017

Booked dive classes with free spaces,
not mentioned dates are available!


Cave Level 1

05.-11. 02. 2017 | Gozo | Malta
with Achim Schlöffel

Workshop Scooter Diving

25.-26. 02. 2017 | Gozo | Malta

Workshop Scooter Diving

11.-12. 03. 2017 | Gozo | Malta

Diving Basics for Boat Owners

18.-19. 03. 2017 | Gozo | Malta

Diving Basics for Boat Owners

08.-09. 04. 2017 | Gozo | Malta

Basics of Exploration

10.-14. 04. 2017 | Gozo | Malta

Basics of Exploration

11.-15. 05. 2017 | Gozo | Malta

Exploration Diver 1 TMX

16.-20. 05. 2017 | Gozo | Malta

Basics of Exploration

28. 05.-01. 06. 2017 | Gozo | Malta


28. 05.-01. 06. 2017 | Gozo | Malta

Basics of Exploration

06.-12. 08. 2017 | Gozo | Malta

Cave 1

01.-07. 07. 2017 | Gozo | Malta

Basics of Exploration

27.08.-02. 09. 2017 | Gozo | Malta


October 2017

schedule in progress

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