Stephan Fehringer Biography | Dive instructor and personal dive coach
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about FST

Stephan Fehringer

There is no other sport like diving for me…


For me, diving is a lifestyle, my passion, my live.


Stephan Fehringer portrait

I started diving- like the most divers- with an Open Water Course. We did the course in the Austrian Erlaufsee on some seriously cold days in November and believe me, despite the fun we had it wasn’t fun! After finishing the course I went to Egypt for a diving holiday and I quickly realized, I wanted to dive wrecks. Upon returning home I set out a plan to do a lot of different dive courses to become a more competent diver so I could dive more wrecks….
I still like to do diving courses, because on every class you can learn something new or learn a different way how to do something. On each course I’ve done, I´ve discovered something which improves my personal style of diving and teaching. In the end it’s often the small things, however as they say “The devil is in the details”.
Over the years, after exploring a lot of wrecks and caves, always going further and deeper, I switched over to a rebreather. At this time, a pSCR was state of the art, so I decide to buy a semi closed rebreather. For some time I was really happy- almost bubble free and simultaneously reaching the further than I ever had before. After some time I reached the limits of the technology and decided to buy another rebreather, this time a KISS rebreather, which is still my favorite. I use it for almost every kind of diving because a CCR (closed circuit rebreather) is the most flexible type of rebreather. However I still enjoy the simplicity and ease of a single tank on my back from time to time.


recreational and technical dive instructor Stephan FehringerDuring my diving activities I met a lot of divers, diving with different configurations and educated by various diving agencies and instructors. Sometimes, I´m left wondering about some of the divers (or with their buddies for that matter) that I meet. What is their motivation in reality to enter the water, or in extreme cases should they even be allowed to enter the water. This was and still is the reason why I decided to start teaching, helping the divers to find a safe and comfortable way to dive.
Most times it´s not the fault of the diver, it´s because there was no one showing them how to do it in a meaningful way. I wanna teach you “thinking” in every second of your diving activities. That´s the only way to be the master of every situation. This in turn makes you a safer diver and allows you to really have fun on every dive.
Knowledge and competence are the prerequisites to become a self-conscious and situationally aware diver who can reach their goal while diving comfortably and safely while minimizing their impact to the environment.

Admittedly my method of training and education isn´t easy, because it´s probably the most demanding, challenging and intense training you can get within the diving industry, however it will give you the opportunity to follow your passion, exploring the underwater world and always surface safely.




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