Why I should NOT do a quick and dirty dive course?
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Why I should NOT do a quick and dirty dive course?

Basics of exploration dive course ISE BoE by technical diver training FSTNo chances for a quick and dirty dive course and such offering instructors!


As here and elsewhere already mentioned , I find a good dive course, better diver education imperative . By ” laying on of hands ” and the possession of a certification card, this can not be achieved . Therefor continuing education and constant diver training is necessary . It certainly is not always easy, but the only way to reach a high degree of security, specially in critical situations is to stay calm to respond properly . This is obligatory doing complex and challenging dives safely and with a lot of fun.


The consistent application of s.c.  “Critical Skills” is any training “realism”.  Therefore you are well prepared, even when it is critical.


Imagine, your buddy run out of air and you have to give him your alternative air supply – in your dive class you practiced it probably tens times, but you did it comfortable on a platform, or even worse, in a kneeling position, which I´ve seen a lot at PADI open water diver courses and also others. Your OOG (out of gas) Partner will have joy with you … or not. But there are also more banal examples, such as blowing out your mask. The first dive – on a beautiful reef or so – you can be sure that you’ll have no platform to hand, if your mask is full of water.
I do not believe that it is enough, to learn some skills during a dive course, performing it only one, or two times and that’s it. Also, or better precisely for this reason, these new skills must be repeated and trained again and again. Question yourself, when you have for example the alternative air supply  – as at your diving course learned – last time been practiced! Was a while ago, wasn’t it? Mmmhhhh?

Would you go into the water with a dive buddy, from which you know that he isn’t able to handle an OOG situation properly?

I would not!!

It is never to late for something to improve. To remember the basics you have learned in your dive course once again.

But it is better and easier to learn things properly from the beginning on and to repeat until you can do it in every situation even during sleeping. This doesn’t saves you the additional dive training, but it’ll be easier.


scooter courseThe only limit is yourself!

Everyone know this feeling wanting to explore new territories … Anyone can , if he wants to!
On our diving sport in general, not only in technical diving , there is no alternative to consistent diver education and training. You can do a futher dive course or, if you have already done all dive courses available, repeat a dive course, just for fun to stay updated.

My goal: The competent and thinking diver, whether in recreational diving or in technical diving. Certifications are not for sale , you have to earn it!
So if you ‘re not ready to work out your certification, then my other diving blog posts here are maybe not for you… but probably they are specially for you.


What´s next? Already fancy of a wowing dive course?

Every dive course or dive training session is appointed individually. When ever you want and where ever you want! I have some partner dive-centers in Austria, Croatia and specially in Malta which can give us a proper support for kind of dive courses. If you want to go to any other destination, it´s not a problem either. I go where the water is…


Just send me a message for more details and dive class booking!


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diver training in the warm water of the poolFurther information about diving courses you can find at

External resource: InnerSpace Explorers – ISE

You want to know more about a dive course, or have any suggestions then drop me a message via my contact page.


Save diving, Stephan