Wreck of the Um El Faroud | Stephan Fehringer | Dive Instructor
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Wreck of the Um El Faroud

Um el Faroud wreck

Wreck of the Um El Faroud

Escort me on an underwater walk on the wreck of the um el Faroud, located in Malta.

The Um El Faroud was an Libyan owned 10000 ton tanker, 115 meter long. It was sunken after an explosion during maintenance works off the south coast of Malta acting as an artificial reef.

Since a long time ago I was diving with my long time buddy Arnold. We planned two days diving on the wreck which sounds a lot, but on a wreck of this size we only get an overview. We did one dive each day with a total runtime around 250 minutes on the wreck of the Um El Faroud.

Following the result of our dives. This is the full version with a lot of details of the upper part of the wreck.
Let´s go for a walk!

Of course I also made some pictures:

Fourth Element have on their homepage a 3D map of the Um El Faroud. There you can see the wreck from all sides to plan your next dive on this amazing wreck.



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