Stephan Fehringer | Dive Instructor | Cavediving With George At Il-Baba Cave | Gozo
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Cavediving With George At Il-Baba Cave | Gozo

Cavediving With George At Il-Baba Cave | Gozo

George is back on the Gozo rock so we decided to do a dive to Il Baba Cave, starting at Inland Sea in Dwejra. Honestly said we had a different plan first, but we had to change due a rough sea.

Yes, I´m back in the water after a (winter) break. I never thought, that I can stop diving for longer than a few days, but I really enjoyed the time with my girl, even without diving.

Everything went fine on our dive and I felt comfortable so I know now, that I don´t have forgotten how to dive 😉

I did not nothing during my holidays. Some diving projects are on the way for 2017, so stay tuned!!


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