My experiences and why I really like the KISS Classic Rebreather
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KISS Rebreather | My experiences with the KISS Classic Rebreather

KISS classic rebreather

KISS Rebreather | My experiences with the KISS Classic Rebreather

It´s time to write a few lines about the KISS Rebreather.

I started rebreather diving with a pSCR (passive semi closed rebreather), it was state of the art at this time. In 2011 I switched over to the KISS Classic rebreather which is a closed circuit rebreather (CCR). The reason because I have chosen the KISS was it´s simplicity. A pure and rigid working machine without any unnecessary things. The ruling principle on development of the kiss was to Keep It Simple Stupid.

kiss rebreather mccr

The KISS Classic Rebreather is built in a very logical way.

It´s easy to repair and – most important – it´s easy to maintain. If you look to other rebreather manufacturers you see that they do not care about making things easy- anyway.
Each time cleaning after the dive I realize the edge of the KISS. To remove counterlungs and loop you only need a few seconds, the same for the scrubber which is mounted with only one centralized bolt. So I finished cleaning when others, for example with a JJCCR not even have dismounted their backplate….
For me, unnecessary and complicated parts of dive gear can never be worth it´s price.

I have tried different setups with the KISS rebreather.

One you can see on the picture where I have the oxygen below the rebreather. The diluent is also part of my bailout and stored in 4 litre 300 bar double tanks. That´s more than a 80 cuft stage, isn´t it? But more about different configurations will come in an other posting. The long backplate I use because of my back on every rebreather. It´s similar to normal backplates but 15 cm longer and a bit heavier.

funktionsprinzip kiss rebreather

working principle of the classic KISS rebreather

You can find more details about the scheme of the KISS rebreather at  their website.

If you have questions about the KISS Rebreather or want to get more information about rebreather dive courses feel free to send me a message


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