Stephan Fehringer | Dive Instructor | Diving holiday in Pula, Istria, Croatia
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Diving holiday in Pula, Istria, Croatia

Diving holiday in Pula, Istria, Croatia

A dive trip to Medulin with friends from our local dive club STCA

As most of my readers here know, I´m also a member of our local dive club STCA (Sporttauch Club Amstetten) for who I´ve organized this years dive trip.
We went to Medulin, a nice village in the south of Istria, Croatia to my friend Davor. He is the owner of Diving Centre Shark situated in the middle of the camping site in Medulin.

Aside diving in the conservation area Premantura we also get a bit of culture.

Historical Museum of Istria, situated inside the Kastel (an adapted Venetian fortification) on the highest hill in Pula.
Arena Pulska, the biggest monument in Pula, the roman amphitheater.

This trip was a balanced mixture of diving, culture and fun!

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