Kessel Cave Hallstatt | Stephan Fehringer | Dive Instructor
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Kessel Cave Hallstatt

Kessel Cave Hallstatt

Cavediving in Austria- Kessel Cave in Hallstatt

After a few cave dives in Koppenbrüller cave we switched over to Hallstatt, into the Kessel cave. We planned to dive through the whole Kessel cave into the Hirlatz cave system. We were seven cavedivers and one supporter in this cave diving project involved.

The hardest part was the restriction after the first, short flooded passage. It is a narrow and high crack, so moving all our dive gear wasn´t easy. Diving the second syphon, the visibility went down to zero, so we turned and dove back. One word about the cave guidline, it is a bit confusing actually because of the strong current sometimes in the Kessel cave. So still a lot of work to do inside the cave.
There are plenty of caves in Austria to dive into, however the Kessel cave in Hallstatt is a good example that cave diving in Austria is never easy and definitely only for experienced technical cave divers!


Caves are generally very sensitive eco systems so they are mostly, like also the Kessel cave in Hallstatt protected by Austrian laws and special permits are given by the department of environment. 

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