Caving into Ärgerichdom at Koppenbrüller cave in Austria
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Caving into Ärgerichdom at Koppenbrüller cave in Austria

Caving into Ärgerichdom at Koppenbrüller cave in Austria

At the very end of Koppenbrüller cave in Upper Austria.

Looking for some new land after the dry part in Koppenbrüller cave, which is a public cave (only the first part) in Obertraun, Upper Austria.

A huge team, Arnold, Bernhard, Siegfrid, Lukas, Johann, and Stephan met in the morning there to support Gerhard on his attempt to find some new land after diving a sump at the end of the cave. This time only one cave diver had the pleasure to dive, because its a very long way to get there, specially with a lot of cave dive equipment.

It is about 600 meter from the cave entrance to Ärgerichdom, where the cave dive should start. That sounds not far, but most of the tunnels are between 70 and 30 cm high. Reached the Ärgernisdom (translated it means dome of nuisance) we got really disappointed about the high water level and the strong flow in the flooded crack, where the cavedive should start. So we decided to have some lunch and left off going back outside.

So this time no new land could get explored, instead we get plenty of bruises and lot of dirty laundry, however it was a lot of fun as usual!

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