Wreckdiving: HMS Stubborn – A Submarine Wreck Deep Down Under A Choppy Sea | Stephan Fehringer | Dive Instructor
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Wreckdiving: HMS Stubborn – A Submarine Wreck Deep Down Under A Choppy Sea

Wreckdiving: HMS Stubborn – A Submarine Wreck Deep Down Under A Choppy Sea

Diving the wreck of the HMS Stubborn off Malta´s north coast in a mixed diving team with backmount-, sidemount- and rebreather divers. The sea was not calm, but after waiting for some days due rough weather conditions we took our chance. We dove in 3 teams, 8 divers in general with different bottom times planned. Peter on sidemount and me on rebreather started first going down the line which was perfectly positioned by our captain Kevin Vela right next to the wreck. The HMS Stubborn is a really beautiful submarine wreck and still in excellent condition which is not common compared to other wrecks, specially in the north Mediterranean in Croatian waters. Unfortunately our dive time at the wreck was limited due the limits of open circuit diving, but as a team you always stay together- safety first!

Thanks to Tom Steiner, Steve Davis, Peter Tschannen, Adel George Hallak, Simon Watton, Havard Kivror and Angelo for this dive. A very special thanks to our Captain Kevin J Vella and Ayelen Vieyra for the surface support and the beer!!

If you want to dive at the HMS Stubborn too, just send me a message and I organize that trip for you.

old picture of the HMS StubbornThe HMS Stubborn P238

was built in 1941, survived the Second World War under the flag of the Royal Navy and was sunk on April 30th 1946 as an ASDIC target. The wreck of this S-class submarine is 66 meter long, located 3 nm north east off St. Paul´s bay in a depth of 57 meters laying almost upright on sandy bottom. Now the wreck is a famous destination for technical divers.

Some more details about the HMS Stubborn

Name: HMS Stubborn
Builder: Cammell Laird & Co Limited, Birkenhead
Laid down: 10 September 1941
Launched: 11 November 1942
Commissioned: 20 February 1943
General characteristics
Class and type: S class
  • 814-872 tons surfaced
  • 990 tons submerged
Length: 217 ft (66 m)
Beam: 23 ft 6 in (7.16 m)
Draught: 11 ft (3.4 m)
  • 14.75 knots surfaced
  • 8 knots submerged
Complement: 48 officers and men
  • 6 × forward 21-inch torpedo tubes, one aft
  • 13 torpedoes
  • one three-inch gun (four-inch on later boats)
  • one 20 mm cannon
  • three .303-calibre machine gun

read more about the HMS Stubborn on Wikipedia


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