ISE Course: Scooter Workshop In Hondoq Ir Rumien – Gozo | Stephan Fehringer | Dive Instructor
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ISE Course: Scooter Workshop In Hondoq Ir Rumien – Gozo

ISE Course: Scooter Workshop In Hondoq Ir Rumien – Gozo

The last two days I did a Dive Scooter Workshop according to Innerspace Explorers standards with Peter and Christof here on Gozo, Malta. Due the wind conditions we started diving on both days at the lovely beach in Hondoq Ir Rumien which is on Gozo´s south-east coast. During our more than 200 minutes dive time we dove up to Gozo´s north-east corner and almost to Mgarr harbor, westerly of Hondoq. This areas are almost unexplored and yes, you can find some interesting things there…!

During this ISE scooter course we had a lot of fun enjoying the benefits of having a dive scooter and finding solutions for possible DPV failures. We also practiced the “standard” dive skills like out of gas, no mask,… as well as different ways of towing a scooter diver which as very important because it is a massive impact to your gas plan. The theory lessons we did outside instead of the classroom. We spoke about the technical conception of the dive scooters, maintenance, pros and cons of different DPV´s, dive planning, uw communication and discussed many other scooter related topics in the shade of Gozo´s sun.

You want to dive with a scooter too!?


After two long days scooter diving, exploring and learning we finished with a delicious dinner at my place and a GT.
Congrats to both of you Peter and Christof, well done! I know you enjoyed it as much as I did 😉


Thanks to DPV Rental Gozo for providing us with Aquaprop and Bonex dive scooter

More info about the ISE Scooter Workshop
Website of InnerSpace Explorers






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