Diving on Gozo and Malta as an alternative to Egypt and Croatia
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Diving on Gozo Malta 2013

Diving on Gozo Malta 2013

Gozo, Malta and the best dive sites in the Mediterranean.

As also last year, I spent some weeks diving on the Maltese islands. Malta is part of the European union (EU), situated 70 km south off Sicily (Italy) and one of the most safest countries in Europe.

With some friends from a dive centre on Gozo, I´ve done a lot of diving around Gozo. Gozitan waters offers everything what a diver love: Stunning drop offs and shallow reefs, nice wrecks and caves with awesome light games.
Malta and Gozo have been awarded as “best holiday destination” and “best dive destination” a few times yet. So spending your holiday at the divespots on Gozo is a safe alternative to Egypt and a more beautiful and cheap alternative to Croatia.


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