Why not going to Gozo for relaxed diving? | Stephan Fehringer | Dive Instructor
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Why not going to Gozo for relaxed diving?

Why not going to Gozo for relaxed diving?

How was your last diving holiday?

Hours and hours in the airplane?
Ridiculous transfer time to your accommodation?
Problems with the check-in?
Diving in a troop with 20 other divers?
Your dive guide have not even understood you?

Why the heck are you doing that?!

taucher in gozo mit FST - technical diver trainingWhy not to go in a small group with 3 other divers?
Why not to dive with an dive instructor who know what I want?
Why not to take an easy cheesy short flight?

Yes! Why not really! There is also a different way to go diving!

Diving on the island of Gozo:

  • tauchen auf gozo mit FST - technical diver trainingShort travel
  • Quick transfers
  • Personal support during your whole stay
  • Accompanied diving in small groups
  • Beautiful reefs, stunning drop offs, wrecks and caves
  • Diving courses for recreational- and technical divers
  • Sun, beach and the sea above all!

tauchen in gozo mit FST - technical diver training

For me personally, the Maltese islands, specially diving on Gozo is hard to beat, its simply amazing.

Sometimes you get rid of all that shallow, colorful reefs for example, so you need some change. Then you just go a few meters further along the coast and you have there an amazing wall or a beautiful cave. Where else you will find such a diversity on a small island like Gozo?

More to come…

If you want more information or have any suggestions, feel free to contact me.

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