LED Dive Torch Test - Gralmarine LED dive lamps with battery canister
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Gralmarine LED Scuba Dive Torch Comparison

GL7 dive torch

Gralmarine LED Scuba Dive Torch Comparison

 LED dive lamps with battery canister

Torches are very important for us divers, not only for technical divers. I´m writing this LED lamp test because of the fact, that I have various divelamps from Gralmarine at home. I´m using this lamps since a few years now and luckily, I had never problems with them. Gralmarine have a wide product range for good prices and their torches are made in very high quality.

There are several other good manufacturers outside, but most of them have only one leading divelamp and the rest is most times bulls**t, anyway.

Test-Objects And Their Specifications

Lamphead Gralmarine GL7 for battery canister

GL7 dive torch

Gralmarine GL7 dive torch

Power: 70 / 30 W
Light quantity: 8400 / 3600 Lumen
Focusing angle: 16°
Dimensions: Ø 50 x 86 mm
Weight: 0,5 kg
Price: ~€ 179,-

Lamphead Gralmarine LED10 for battery canister

LED10 W dive torch

Gralmarine LED 10 dive torch

Power: 10 W
Light quantity: 1000 Lumen *
Focusing angle: 6°
Dimensions: Ø 50 x 86 mm
Weight: 0,5 kg
Price: ~ € 229,-

UPDATE: They replaced the LED with a newer one with 1200 lm consuming the same power in 2014
UPDATE: The LED10 is no longer available, it´s now upgraded to LED18.

Test Environment 1

Almost dark room,
white wall in 3,5 meter distance

The Test Results

On the following two images you can easily see the difference between the LED lightheads.

GL7 Seamless transition from the spot to the corona. Good lighting of the area.
Gralmarine LED10
LED10 Perfect narrow spot. Also a steady lighting of the area.
gralmarine LED10
LED10 You can see the beam in the fog.
gralmarine GL7
GL7 Not so much fog but you can see the wider beam resulting in a very light area.

Additional Information Gralmarine Lights

Diving lamps manufactured by Gralmarine are waterproof up to 150 meters. The working voltage is 14,4 volts. I did all above testings with only 12 V because I use 12 V  also for other things like heating vests or other dive torches.

Light-head Comparison With Different Voltages

As mentioned above, Gralmarine says that we should use 14,4 V for their torches. So I tested also the light output with 12 V and 14,4 V.
For us divers is a working light very important, but an interchangeable system is more important and the loss of light quantity is slight.

Helligkeitsmessung Gralmarine LED10
LED10 Reading with 12 Volt
Helligkeitsmessung Gralmarine LED10
LED10 Reading with 14,4 Volt

Measured in a distance of 50 cm. Maybe this readings are not correct but it is still a good comparison to see the minor differences in the light output between 12 and 14,4 Volt.

Finally, the KX Max dive torch as a bonus

In the following picture I show you one of my favorite dive light, the KX Max. That is a real universal talent. I use the KX Max as a main torch for recreational diving and short cave dives an as a backup torch on almost every dive. Inside the KX Max dive torch is the same 10 W LED like in the LED 10 lighthead with an light output of 1200 Lumen. With its beam of 8° it is still good for underwater signals and you also get nice light on the environment up to 180 minutes.

Gralmarine KXmax

Gralmarine KXmax dive torch

I do not want to make a ruling about one dive torch, I only present facts. So it´s on you!

I hope, this dive torch test is helpful for you.

Link to the manufacturer Gralmarine

  • Jesus
    Posted at 16:33h, 03 April Reply

    I have de 3xml-2 head with a 14 battery. So far the light is very good, but had a little problem with costumer service. Overall is good.

    • FST
      Posted at 09:59h, 06 April Reply

      Hi Jesus!
      Have you done it directly with Gralmarine? It´s better to go to your local Gralmarine dealer.

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