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dive equipment

Interesting study about the effects of temperature to DCS (decompression sickness). Ever thought about a failure on your heating vest? Based on this NEDU study, it has possible consequences, and not all of them positive.   Watch Dr. Neal Pollock´s presentation about thermal physiology and protection   [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yixnr07AiTI[/embed]      ...

This dive equipment overview I made to help you to choose the right equipment from the beginning on. All my recommendations in this dive gear guide are indeed DIR (doing it right) minded, however based on my personal experience and not based on manufacturer contracts. I´m in fact...

 LED dive lamps with battery canister Torches are very important for us divers, not only for technical divers. I´m writing this LED lamp test because of the fact, that I have various divelamps from Gralmarine at home. I´m using this lamps since a few years now...

Stainless steel frame for pSCR Rebreater

This is a simple rebreather frame, specially designed for pSCR. It´s built for the Satori rebreather but fits also some other pSCR rebreathers like RB80 with some little modifications. I developed it with CAD software and a metal worker, from around the corner, excised it for me with his laser cutter. 
After a few years without using an underwater camera, I wanted to continue my passion for underwater photo- and videography. So I wanted to have a combination to making stills and videos. I´ve used GoPros of all generations the last years but the quality of them is still poor on underwater shots so I switched to a Panasonic Lumix, a semi DSLR.

Your drysuit seal is broken again?

It happens that your seals break without a shop next to you or not having time to go there. Here I want to show you the miracle of changing the seals of a drysuit. Basically it´s not more than removing the old one and to add a new one ;-)