Mask strap is the weak point on your dive mask - you should optimize it
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Dive mask: How to optimize it to avoid source of troubles

DIR dive mask

Dive mask: How to optimize it to avoid source of troubles

How to find the perfect scuba dive mask

Your dive mask is an important part of your dive kit! That´s why it is recommendable to have a spare mask with you, particularly inside the water, not only in your box. A good place to store it during a dive is your pocket on your suit. There are some differences between scuba dive masks. I personally prefer the single glass mask, because of its low volume and wide range of view. If you need eyeglasses, it is probably better to use a mask with two glasses. For some brands you can get cheap optical glasses which are easy to change.

The mask strap is the weak point on most dive masks and you should optimize it

You´ve likely seen the neoprene straps on some divers mask. This mostly colorful straps makes it easier to find your mask and it also stops your mask from sinking. The neoprene cover protect the silicon strap from scratches and cuttings as well. Some divers say it is more comfortable with long hair, other say not, so that´s on you.
But the weakest point on a divers mask are the plastic buckles between the strap and the mask-body. It is as always, there are better and worse, however it´s a trap for your line, as on setting up a DSMB for example.
Optimizing your mask reduce the risk to get into troubles so it is worth the 10 minutes to do it.

Optimizations for a perfect dive mask

In this step-by-step guide I will show you how to optimize an already not bad mask: the Oceanic shadow. Its original strap is perfect, but as a dive instructor I prefer neon colors which make it easier for my students to detect me.

Tools you need

  • Carpet cutter
  • Universal pliers
  • Tiny screwdriver or nail
  • Heat gun, lighter


  • Dive mask
  • New mask strap
  • Shrink tube
  • Piece of stainless steel wire
  • Cutting resistent rest

The workflow in detail

original mask

Original Oceanic Shadow

removing the bolt

Dismounting the original strap

Use the nail or screwdriver to press the bolt through the buckle. With the pliers you can pull it out from the other side.

forming the wire socket

Curving the new socket

Measure the width first for a perfect result

curving the socket

The diameter of the wire should be a bit smaller than the hole on the attachment point.

wire socket
wire socket for dive mask

Curving the new socket

Form the wire to a rectangle with the open ends on a long side

cutting the shrink tube

Two pieces of shrink tube for the new strap

Cut from the shrink tube two pieces with 4 cm to cover the buckles for length adjustment.

Here on this picture you also see the finished wire socket and the Maskstrap from Innerspace Explorers. It is better to use a mask strap with solid webbing instead of velcro. The velcro do not last very long.

mask and new neoprene strap

Mounting the sockets

Open the socket a bit again, then it is easier. Mind to do not stitch the mask body!

mask strap

Shrink tube

One piece of each side

shrink tube over buckle

Mounting the new mask strap

At first you need to adjust the length of the strap. Do not forget to use your hood, if you wear one.

dir dive mask

Shrinking the tube

With the correct length, pull the shrink tube over the buckle and shrink it with the heat gun.

Don´t destroy your mask or your strap with the heat!

finished dive mask

Shorten the webbing

Cut the loose ends of the webbing right next of the shrink tube and burn it carefully with a lighter

DIR dive mask

That´s it, you are done!

That was easy, wasn´t it?!?

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