Koppenbrüller Cave | Stephan Fehringer | Dive Instructor
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Koppenbrüller Cave

Koppenbrüller Cave

Once more cave diving in the Koppenbrüller cave.

End of January, we met at the annual meeting of the Austrian Cave Club. This time it was at Obertraun (upper Austria) which is next to the Koppenbrüller cave where we already did a short tour in the afternoon to check the current conditions.

We planned a photo- and video- cavedive for the day after the official meeting in the first siphon at the end of the public part of the Koppenbrüller cave. We started with carrying our dive equipment up to the cave. The way up is about 20 minutes along a nice valley with roughly 100 kg of gear each cavediver. Thanks to our support team helping us to bring up our equipment.
The dive itself took about one hour to the end of the first siphon and back and we shot some nice pics and videos. After a few dives done there, I still enjoy diving this cave because of it´s beauty and special shapes. But look yourself and watch the movie!


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