Submarine made of concrete discovered at lake Attersee, Austria
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Submarine wreck diving at lake Attersee, Austria

Submarine wreck diving at lake Attersee, Austria

Trimix dive at lake Attersee to an old concrete submarine.

Long time ago, there was a guy building his own submarine. After he emigrate to south America his submarine went lost in the depth of lake Attersee where is was built.

We took our technical dive gear and our trimix cylinders to explore the submarine. The submarine in lake Attersee lay at 50 meters depth is about 150 meter off the shore, if you have access to private land what we had. If not, its a long way and I recommend using a dive scooter. The seabed at this area look like moonscape and every slight hill look the same as all the others, so its not easy to navigate to find the submarine.

But look at the pictures of the submarine and sorry for the image quality.


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