Trimix dive lake Attersee | Stephan Fehringer | Dive Instructor
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Trimix dive lake Attersee

Trimix dive lake Attersee

Deep Trimix Diving With Friends at Attersee, divesite “Ofen”

Last weekend, we went to lake Attersee again. 8 technical divers splitted into three dive groups with different targets. One group wanted to test a rebreather in depth, the second group had some new dive gear to test and finally, Cichi and I just waste some gas and maybe shooting a few underwater pictures.

We spent moderate 20 minutes at 60 meters depth followed by some underwater shooting action while decompression. After 72 minutes  and totally frozen fingers we left the water heading to somewhere to warm up again. The other groups took a bit longer 😉

Thanks to Cichi for the underwater pictures!


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