Trimix Diving At Falkensteinwand | Stephan Fehringer | Dive Instructor
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Trimix Diving At Falkensteinwand


Trimix Diving At Falkensteinwand

Diving the Falkensteinwand on lake Wolfgangsee

The Falkensteinwand is a stunning blank, white wall going down to almost 100 meters however it´s a bit tricky to reach the entry point…
After carrying all our technical diving stuff through the wood we set up our gear. We dove the northern part of the Falkensteinwand which goes down to -85m. Below 85m there is only mud, slightly falling further down. On our way back up we had a lot of time – during deco – to inspect the whole wall. After 150 minutes we reached frozen and tired the surface looking forward to bring all our gear out of the forest back to the cars.
Used tanks: D18 and 4 stages.

10 divers been together on all depth levels. Thx for helping us with the heavy gear.

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