Purpose of the ISE ECO-Diver program for environmental protection
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Eco Diver – ISE Workshop

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Eco Diver – ISE Workshop

Purpose of the ISE ECO-Diver Program.

We divers should build awareness with the environment that we act in and that’s highly endangered through pollution, overfishing and irresponsible tourism practiced over a purely profit oriented base.

Divers acting inside a responsible way, reduces costs of their equipment, master their buoyancy and trim and have absolutely proper fining techniques representing examples and should be role models.

ISE in assistance with Scubapro awards him or her with the ECO-DIVER Patch, that displays the care & support of the outstanding divers for the oceans.

Ecodivers get normal updates and media from projects in addition to events and are among the first to get invited to new projects suitable for their certification stage. Ecodivers are proudly displayed in ISE´s “Hall of Conservationists” within the ISE Website as well as the connected Social Sites.

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What´s inside?

  • Introduction to conservation and environmental protection and how this can be implemented in diving.
  • ISE CD with Program Material
  • Equipment review and guidance of how to improve
  • Check dive with ISE Instructor for Skill review and a “tips & tricks”-Session for improvement
  • Conclusive discussion
  • Wall diploma
  • Recognition card
  • ECO-DIVER Patch


All of that for FREE!

Our ISE Ecodiver Program is for free!

How to apply for?

Just drop me a message


You only have to be certified as a diver


1 day


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