Gasblender Course – ISE Workshop | Stephan Fehringer | Dive Instructor
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Gasblender Course – ISE Workshop

frozen medium pressure hose from booster air supply

Gasblender Course – ISE Workshop

Start mixing your own gases for diving.

This gasblender workshop should not only introduce you to the concept of mixing Gas by the use of partial pressure but also to the math behind. Especially in the “field”, sometimes all the electronic stuff we are used to rely on do not work. This class prepares you to be able to handle the math by yourself and gives you the knowledge behind. The Workshop also covers constant flow mixing, as this is sometimes the only way to set up high Helium mixes with low pressure storage. Overall a much more intense approach than the classical “Blender” and much more for the Battlefield than for the card in your pocket.
The gasblender course is a must have for all responsible technical divers, who should really know everything about their breathing gases.

innerspace explorers logoTopics:

  • Theorie of mixing gas
  • various methods of mixing gas
  • technical aspects
  • legal background
  • math
  • Hazards and how to handle them
  • setting up the gear (homebrew and expedition style)
  • battlefield gasmixing
  • Compressor basics


  • 1 day


  • minimum of 18 years of age


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