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Riverdiving Ybbs

Riverdiving Ybbs

Diving the river Ybbs in sidemount configuration

After a break of nearly one year I went back diving the river Ybbs in Waidhofen. This time using Sidemount gear with two 4 litre bottles. I started my river dive directly after the hydro-power station Schwellöd which is a perfect site to enter the water. Right under the dam there were a lot of brown trouts waiting for something to eat passing by.

After diving a cycle under the dam I started to drift downwards with the river. In this part, the river Ybbs wide and shallow with rocky bottom and rocks on each side. There are also a lot of sunken trees, acting as a hiding-place for the rivers wildlife. Further down the river, there are still some parts of two, yet unused bridges making each dive spectacular, specially when diving with an underwater camera.

After 70 minutes of river diving, I left the water just before the next small dam on a tiny upward track, where my taxi was already waiting for me.

It does not have be a technical dive every time. It´s a pleasant change to dive without all that heavy technical dive gear. Small, lightweight sidemount gear is perfect for such shallow river drift dives.

If you are interested in river- or sidemount diving, just drop me a message and I arrange something for you.




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