BoE Sidemount – ISE Basics of Exploration | Stephan Fehringer | Dive Instructor
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BoE Sidemount – ISE Basics of Exploration

sidemount diver with dive scooter

BoE Sidemount – ISE Basics of Exploration

Start a different way of diving… in sidemount configuration.

The ISE Basics of Exploration Sidemount is a class dedicated to cultivating comfortable, competent and confident divers that do not impact the environment. It allows them to maximize aquatic fun and safety. This course is also to prepare them for continuation in ISE technical, cave and wreck courses. It also builds a solid basic skill level for divers, so as to be able to undertake all sorts of future advance scuba training in sidemount configuration easily.

Durationinnerspace explorers logo

This class will be conducted over a duration of generally 4 days


  • Student to instructor ratio will not exceed 5:1 in all in-water and surface sessions
  • Maximum training depth of 20 m
  • No decompression
  • No overhead environment (i.e caves)



  • Structure of ISE
  • General diving procedures
  • Buoyancy & Trim
  • Sidemount equipment configuration
  • Propulsion techniques
  • Situation awareness
  • Team awareness
  • Communications
  • Breathing gases overview
  • Nitrox Diving
  • Dive planning
  • Gas management


Drillssidemount diver with aquaprop dive scooter

  • Dive team protocols
  • Equipment fitting
  • Propulsion techniques
  • Foundational skills
  • Valve drill
  • Safety drill
  • Pre-dive sequence
  • Surface marker deployment



  • Must be 14 years old and above.
  • Must be a certified diver from a particular scuba training organization.
  • Must be able to swim 15 m on a breath hold.
  • Must meet the general fitness level for the sport



Tuition of min 560 € per student + instructor’s travel and diving expenses. (to be shared equally among all students).
No travel costs on dive courses, held on Gozo, Malta.

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