Technical Sidemount divecourse upgrade with Maik
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Technical Sidemount Upgrade with Maik

Technical Sidemount Upgrade with Maik

Training on sidemount for technical diving with Maik at Xwejni bay, Gozo. Stage rigging, mounting, handling…. It´s not that difficult- he did well- but still some adjustments to do for tomorrow and more skills. I´ve also invited “Murphy” for the second day so we´ll have a lot of fun then.

Second day diving with Maik for his tec sidemount course. Doing some critical skills and more playing around with multiple stages for deco dives on sidemount.
After that fun on the Xwejni Bay playground we headed out to Double Arch to practice on a real dive. Congrats to you Maik, well done!!
Tomorrow we go into the cave and celebrate your technical sidemount certification 🙂


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